Character Creation

As discussed (and listed in the forums) each setting has restricted races. You may only ask for exemptions when “Other” is among the listed races.ꜝ If this campaign goes forward as planned, you should have the chance to play any race that exists within Midnight, so scratch those itches appropriately and don’t try to rock the story boat.

Stats will be a bit more on the harsh side than usual. You begin with one 18. You will then roll 3d6 5 times, rerolling ones and twos. You may assign the resulting stats as you like. Still not as harsh as I could be, so no griping.

And note that “Other” may include races from outside of the Midnight setting. Give me a good story and we’ll talk.

  • General
    • Acrobatics replaces Balance, Jump, and Tumble.
    • Stealth replaces Hide and Move Silently.
    • Perception replaces Listen and Spot.
  • The Caraheen:
    • It is possible that as we progress, some settings may acquire restricted classes as well. But for our opening plot line, all classes and heroic paths are available. Although the Burning Line and drought have cast a pall, the Shadow has not yet truly touched the heart of the great forest. For many, life continues as it always has, with the reports of the advancing army little more than horrible stories.
    • Elves who grew up in Caradul need not spend two skill points for literacy in High Elven.

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Character Creation

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